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Modern kitchens on order – modern, practical, stylish

Having appeared in the 19th century, Art Nouveau style today remains popular, popular, is actively used in various sectors of modern life, including in interior design and furniture production. Modern kitchens in Art Nouveau style are an organic combination of classic style elements and new trends of modern hi-tech technologies, presented in a practical, affordable design.

The use of natural materials, the monochrome color scheme, the smoothness of concise lines, functionality, simplicity, aesthetics allow qualified designers, craftsmen of the company “LVA mebel” to create and produce original modern kitchens to order at affordable prices that you can not buy in ordinary furniture stores, shops. Ordering a modern kitchen is an excellent solution for arranging a stylish, practical, functional kitchen room taking into account your requirements, preferences, for integrating it into the existing interior of any city apartment, especially a small area.

Distinctive features of the modern style kitchen:

  • practicality, functionality, thoughtful use of the free space of the room, its visual increase;
  • rigor of geometric shapes, a minimum of parts, accessories, decor elements;
  • the use of shiny, glossy surfaces, contrasting colors in the tinted design of furniture;
  • kitchen appliances built into niches, additional equipment with drawers, metaboxes, baskets, sunken doors, bar counters;
  • the use of high-quality materials for the manufacture of modern-style kitchens on order, facades (natural wood, plastic, glass, acrylic, enamel), modern fittings, new mechanisms for opening cabinets.


Modern kitchen – affordable price, excellent quality

For those who appreciate functionality, practicality, minimalism, elegant simplicity in furniture, LVA mebel offers to produce modern kitchens inexpensively by individual order, of any complexity. The unique design, without bulky furniture, with a set of modern appliances hidden behind the facades, the kitchen will fit perfectly into the design of your apartment, it will allow you to rationally use the free space of the room.

The company’s website presents a variety of modern kitchens Kharkov to order at competitive prices, made from natural, durable, environmentally friendly materials, equipped with high-quality fittings that are durable, reliable, stylish appearance. Each interested buyer with a different income level will be able to choose for himself the best option for a headset in color, decor, equipment items, workmanship, accessories, taking into account the features, size of the room, their tastes, financial capabilities.

If you prefer your embodiment of the dream of an ideal Art Nouveau kitchen, you can order its production according to your sketch, photo, drawing, or our designers will help you develop a universal layout of kitchen furniture for your needs.

Order modern kitchen in Kharkov

Kitchens in a modern style are popular due to their attractive appearance and prices, which cannot be called cheap, but they are lower than the prices of classic headsets. The cost of the product depends on the material of manufacture, the complexity of the facade, the fittings used.

The execution of kitchen furniture in the Art Nouveau style is built on a modular type and involves a few hinged cabinets, cabinets, racks as part of the headset. By changing the location of these basic elements, you can achieve various desired effects. The modern style welcomes the use of various chrome components: stands, any holders. A variety of color shades that can please any customer, help him realize his desires. Kitchens in modern style can be any tones – classic, avant-garde, with drawings, bright or muted shades.

You can order art nouveau cuisine in Kharkov on our website. Specialists of the company “LVA mebel” will help determine the most suitable option in your case for the organization of the kitchen space, from the existing 5 main types:

  • Placing all the elements of kitchen furniture in one row will visually enlarge the room.
  • The arrangement of furniture components in two rows is preferable for large-sized kitchen premises.
  • “Island” placement of headset items is generally recommended for studios.
  • Art Nouveau corner kitchens are most in demand for small areas.
  • The “P” -shaped implementation of the kitchen space will give the room a unique character.

In each of these kitchen options, it is important to consider uniform, high-quality lighting. At present, diode backlights are very popular, which, due to their compactness and safety, can be installed in any, even the most inaccessible place.

Custom-made kitchens from LVA mebel company are an excellent solution for creating a favorable, comfortable home atmosphere in a close circle of relatives and friends.