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Stained-glass windows to order in Kharkov.

Comfortable and beautiful furniture in the interior evokes pleasant emotions, creates coziness and a harmonious atmosphere. Made of wood, it is especially good for a country house, a spacious apartment, a dining room, a living room, a bedroom.

Effectiveness and unique beauty of furniture is given by special decorative elements that can turn an ordinary room into a center of calm, peace of mind and warmth. And stained-glass windows – decorative paintings with ornament or pattern, artistic compositions that create a play of light and color spots, occupy a leading place.

The first stained-glass windows were made many centuries ago, they decorated temples, cathedrals, palaces. Such expensive decor was available only to rich people. But the development of modern technologies allows today to have these amazing details made by skilled craftsmen from colored glass in every home.

Stained glass compositions fit into any interior. Made in a variety of styles, they will create a beautiful decor for furniture, decorate the window and door, and look great as a partition that zones the space.

Existing styles of stained glass – classic, gothic, modern and abstraction are basic.

The classic style with its clear lines will perfectly decorate furniture doors, windows and doorways. It is important that the stained glass pattern was symmetrical, warm pastel colors. Classic stained-glass windows to order in Kharkov, made by talented craftsmen and being a real work of art, will confirm the high status of their owner.

Gothic style stained-glass windows are the brightness of colors, gilding, shimmering glass. They were always cult, made for the emotional impact on parishioners during worship.

Modern style is a sharp turn in perception of values, ideals, art forms. It is characterized by the predominance of smooth lines, fancy colors, waves. To order stained-glass windows in Kharkov in the Modern style is a great opportunity to complement your living room or bedroom with sophistication and sophistication. Consumer electronics and modern design fit seamlessly into this style.

Abstract stained-glass windows have bizarre shapes, and the play of their colors and light will decorate the house, filling it with radiance. Abstraction is a complete improvisation of a master who has real talent. It contains both mood and emotions, it is able to transform the atmosphere of the house, promotes relaxation and rest.

In the manufacture of stained glass for furniture decor, the basic techniques are used – film and contouring, Fusing and Tiffany, although in some cases painting and sandblasting of glass are more convenient.