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Furniture design

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Design and furniture design

Designing and designing furniture is a complex creative process for a designer, the embodiment of an innovative approach for introducing interesting ideas into the development of new furniture solutions. The functionality of each interior item, its presentable appearance, depend on its professionalism and accuracy of work. The development of modern technology makes it possible to use useful programs that will help you in solving such problems. But to get an excellent result, it is better to entrust professionals with the design of your dream furniture.

The company “LVA mebel” employs highly qualified specialists with extensive experience, creative potential, who can handle complex design tasks and meet the needs of the most demanding customers. The best designers, designers of the company will realize your new vision of the interior and furniture in it, develop a design project for a furniture product taking into account the exact dimensions that meet your requirements.

When designing, individual tastes and preferences of each customer are taken into account, and the formation of individual projects will allow them to become the owner of a stylish furniture set or its individual item.

Development of design – furniture project

Development of a design – furniture project includes various successive stages, the implementation of which will help to create original furniture.

The company’s specialists are developing a detailed preliminary sketch future single item or furniture set, which is drawn by hand. The design of wooden furniture involves preliminary measurements of the room, drawing up a plan of the room indicating the openings of windows, doors, calculates the place where the headset will be located.

Then a three-dimensional 3D model of furniture is created using computer graphics. Based on a special program, visualization and design and technical documentation are done. This will allow you to see how the product will fit into your interior, what color, material is better to use for manufacturing.

The designer will bring the project model to the idea consistent with the terms of reference in the form of accurate calculations, drawing, indicating technical data, room features. Prepares technical documentation for the manufacture of furniture.

After the approval of the package of working documentation, the order is transferred to production.

The professional design of furniture Kharkov, made by our specialists at an affordable price in a short time, will help to realize the wildest dreams of our customers in beautiful reality.