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It is possible to order sliding wardrobes in Kharkiv on our website

There are two main types of wardrobes. It is built-in and cabinet.

The built-in closet uses for its implementation the so-called “improvised” means – the floor, walls and ceiling of the room in which it is installed. The advantage of such wardrobes is that they are able to hide various flaws, such as wall defects. Also, built-in wardrobes allow you to fully use the various openings and niches that exist in the room. And thanks to the fact that such a cabinet does not have its own walls, the internal space for storing various things increases. Another advantage of these cabinets is the relatively low cost when compared with case models. In addition to the advantages, built-in wardrobes have drawbacks. The most significant drawback is the wear of the details of such a cabinet. This is caused by the fact that the cabinet is attached to uneven surfaces, as a result of which it deforms itself. This leads to various distortions, which over time destroy the fittings. This can be avoided if you turn to professionals in their field.

And the second type of wardrobes is cabinet. It differs from the first ones by the presence in its design of walls, floor and ceiling. This is a single design, which, if necessary, can be successfully transported to any place, without complete disassembly.

The main distinguishing feature of sliding wardrobes from conventional wardrobes is the presence of sliding doors. Such doors can save a lot of space in the room. You can order a wardrobe in Kharkov on this site. Our experts, depending on the layout of your premises and the size of the financial budget, will help you make the right choice, which for many years will delight you with its functionality and ease of use.